Nordic Edge


“Our mission is to create cutting-edge modern wellness experiences that help people look and feel their best. In our safe and comforting spaces, we can help you sense a positive change in your life in as few as 3 minutes a day. So you can do, make, explore, and go wherever your heart takes you. Nothing can stop you now.”

A New Concept in Wellness
“We are not a doctor’s office. We are not a spa. We are a modern wellness space. Led by our founder Dr. Marie O’Connor, we use the forefront of science and technology to develop treatments that change lives.”

The Forces of Nature
Hot and cold, stop and go. At Nordic Edge, we seamlessly blend technology and natural elements to push the human form to extremes. Only then can we break through our personal barriers to live our best lives.


  • Whole Body Cryo
    • Restore your mind and body in just 3 minutes at a cool -250°F.
  • Local Cryo & Nordic Facial
    • Target specific muscles for relief or treat yourself to their signature Nordic Facial.
  • Salt Therapy
    • Breath easy and detox from the grind in our handcrafted Nordic Salt Room
  • Compression Therapy 
    • Train harder and recover faster with their innovative Normatec recovery system
  • Infrared Therapy 
    • Get lit from the inside with an infrared heat waves in their sauna or a localized wrap