Hello! My name is Sheetal Mehta. I am a studio potter making small-batch pottery in Scarsdale, NY.

I make pots in a fast world full of swipes, taps, scrolls, and frenzies.

It takes several weeks to produce a piece of pottery, with patience, care, and meticulous attention at each stage, to get a good quality piece.

When I have my coffee in a handmade mug, I know the intention of its design and construction to make it user-friendly and beautiful.

When I use a handmade vase in my home, I know the mark of the potter’s hands will add to the beauty of the flowers it will hold.

As a form of art, handmade pottery can convey meaning, evoke feelings, bring memories, and become part of a routine.

With all their tactility, handmade pots resemble life.

Every day, these pots give me a reason to pause, relax, and soak in the feelings each one has the power to evoke.

They make those moments special!