About the SBA

The Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA) is a new non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the Village of Scarsdale and its local businesses.  

Scarsdale is fortunate to have many large, independent, successful retail businesses along with new emerging entrepreneurial ventures. There is also a robust contingent of realtors, banks and independent practitioners throughout the area that support the community. The SBA looks to combine all of these elements, and work closely with Village government to improve Scarsdale and create a vibrant retail community.

The Scarsdale Business Alliance, with its professional Executive Director and Board, has built a dynamic organization of dedicated merchants and service providers. With a laser-like focus on creating relevance for our local retail hubs, the SBA has plans to bring events and value-added services to its consumers.  The SBA has also forged strong ties with the Village government and serves as a voice for the business community on a range of policy issues.